Research Success in UK


A helpful regiment man in Malmesbury

Judith is thrilled with the success of her research trip in England. “it was an amazing experience, which I couldn’t have done without the generous support of the Access Copyright Foundation Research Grant. I’ll be forever grateful for this opportunity.”

She says, “Being able to participate in the Malmesbury 17th Century Living History re-enactment weekend was like stepping back in time.”

At the battle site of Marston Moor near York, she found herself witnessing a IMG_7657-croppedtouching commemorative event to honour those who fought on both sides of the Civil War 400 years earlier.

She’s now hard at work sorting through 3000 photos and the many audio interviews with authorities, consultants, guides and other informative people, so willing to assist in this pursuit. “Having the detail these experts provided will enrich my novel.”

Judith going to England to study the English Civil War

Judith has received an Access Copyright Foundation grant to do research on her adult historical novel. One of the main activities she will participate in is a re-enactment of an English Civil War battle in Malmesbury, UK, during the Malmesbury Living History Weekend, June 14 and 15, 2014.

Convictions to appear in 2016

Judith’s first Young Adult novel, Convictions, will be published by Coteau Books in Spring 2016.

Convictions takes readers on a voyage aboard an all female convict ship headed for Australia, in 1842. Fourteen-year old Jennie, convicted of stealing a sack of moldy oats, must come to terms with her new reality as she rubs shoulders with female convicts of all ages and occupations, and a handful of male guards as well.