Young Adult novel – Convictions – coming soon

Judith’s new novel, Convictions, set in 1842 on board an all female convict ship bound for Van Diemen’s Land (Australia), is to be released by Coteau Books in April 2016.

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Fourteen-year-old Jennie Lawrence’s life is bad enough in 1842 England, but when she’s convicted of stealing food to help feed her family, her situation turns dire. She’s given a seven years sentence of servitude and banishment half way around the world. All of her formative beliefs, morals and convictions are challenged as she endures the perils of a treacherous journey on board an all-female convict ship bound for the penal colony on Van Diemen’s Land.

Not only does she witness of the tortures inflicted on her shipmates, but she suffers barbaric conditions at the hands of the cruel guards on board. Will she live through the four month ordeal? Is there any hope she will ever see her family again? Will she have the fortitude to stand by her convictions, or be severely compromised as she fights for survival?

Read more about Convictions on page 4 in Coteau’s Spring Catalogue.



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