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Books on Fiction Writing

  • Stephen King on Writing – Stephen King – ISBN 9781444723250
  • Creating Unforgettable Characters – Linda Seger – ISBN 0-8050-1171-4
  • The Art of Fiction – John Gardner – ISBN:  0-679-73403-1
  • On Becoming a Novelist – John Gardner – ISBN:  0-06-09126-3
  • Structuring Your Novel – Robert C. Meredith and John D. Fitzgerald – ISBN: 0-06-273170-X
  • The Right to Write – Julia Cameron – ISBN: 1-58542-009-3
  • The Artists’ Way – Julia Cameron – ISBN: 0-87477-694-5
  • Word Magic for Writers – Cindy Rogers –  IBSN: 1-889715-24-7
  • Things Feigned or Imagined: The Craft in Fiction – Fred Stenson – ISBN: 0-920159934


Regina: Chapters Indigo

Saskatoon: McNally Robinson

The Spirit of Saskatchewan Catalogue

The Spirit of Saskatchewan Catalogue was a 2006 joint effort among the Saskatchewan Book Awards, the Saskatchewan Publishers Group, the Saskatchewan Library Association, the Saskatchewan Writers’ Guild, and SaskLearning. It is a catalogue of award-winning books written by Saskatchewan writers.

Download a PDF copy of the Spirit of Saskatchewan Book Catalogue.