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Judith Silverthorne has engaged in producing documentaries and other media projects since 1997.  In January of that year she founded Spiral Film Productions Inc.

She produced television shows about artists in varying disciplines of visual art, pottery, and woodwork.

Judith Silverthorne founded Spiral Film Productions Inc. in January of 1997. For several years, Judith operated the with that name, producing television documentary shows about artists in varying disciplines, such as those working in visual art, pottery, and woodwork.

Over time the company expanded with Judith being hired out to do scriptwriting and production work for other companies.* In 2000 the name was changed to Spiral Communications Inc. to make it more encompassing of what projects were being done through the company, which included some book publishing, research, writing, and video sales. Judith also did the scriptwriting and various other tasks, such as director, production assistant, photographer, and was a consultant within her own company and for others.

Judith Silverthorne was the owner/producer of Spiral Communications Inc until 2006, when she closed the company to pursue other creative activities. She continues to engage in various aspects of video and television related freelance producing, script writing, and other work.

In 2016, she returned to the world of television producing, and founded Silverlight Productions Inc in partnership with her son, Aaron Silverthorne. They have been producing television documentaries, and are set for publishing books.