Ghosts of Government House

Judith Silverthorne has always been curious about supernatural phenomena, and particularly fascinated with Government House in Regina, Saskatchewan, and the spirits said to be in residence there. She consulted with former and present staff, as well as psychics, listening to their reports about strange happenings they had experienced. Judith combined some of these stories with her imagination to write…

Ghosts of Government House.

Ghosts of Government House

Ghosts of Government House

Are there really ghosts at Government House? Sam and J.J. have heard about the legendary ghost ‘Howie,’ but who is he really? And is he responsible for all the mysterious things that happen there?

The two girls, along with Grandma Louise, find out more than they’d bargained for when they set out on their ghost detecting adventures in the historic mansion. Howie is the least of their worries — and so is proving to Sam’s older brother Gabe that ghosts actually exist. What none of them had anticipated is their encounters with so many unexpected apparitions. Who are those ghosts, and why are they there?

Published by Your Nickel’s Worth Publishing.

Price: $9.95

ISBN : 9781894431637

Size: 7.00″ x 5.00″

Pages: 120

Genres: Juvenile Fiction

Books in the Series

Ghosts of Government House

Ghosts in the Garden

Shortlisted for a 2012 Diamond Willow Award.

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