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Buffalo/Bison – Although the proper scientific name for this animal is Bison, the term Buffalo has been used in this book as this is the common name familiar to more Indigenous Peoples of the North American Plains.

There Bison Wallowing.

They roll in the dirt to deter biting flies and help shed fur. I took a couple of hundred photos and videos Monday and I keep looking at them. I just have to share a few more.



Poem by Carl Sandburg

Buffalo Dusk

The buffaloes are gone.

And those who saw the buffaloes are gone.

Those who saw the buffaloes by thousands and how they pawed the prairie sod into dust with their hoofs, their great heads down pawing on in a great pageant of dusk,

Those who saw the buffaloes are gone.

And the buffaloes are gone.

This YouTube video was created by japril1 and the poem is read  by Carl Sandburg

In an extremely rare private recording, the great American poet Carl Sandburg reads his poem, Buffalo Dusk about the disappearance of the Indian and the Buffalo from the face of the North American continent. Video features old silver nitrate film and photographs of that lost era including shots of Chief Joseph and Buffalo Bill.

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