Children’s Novels (Juvenile Fiction)

Judith Silverthorne enjoys writing juvenile fiction for ages 7 to 12 and beyond.

So far, she has three series of children’s books:

The “Secret” Series – Join Emily as she travels back in time in this three book series. Discover what it’s like to live in the days of the pioneers and what mysteries lie hidden there. Feel her fear when she realizes she may be stuck in the past forever.

The “Dinosaur” Series – Step into another time long past with Daniel, if you dare. Explore the prehistoric world of ferocious dinosaurs, unravel the dangers he faces in the past and the challenges in the present in this four book series.

“Ghost” Series – Are there really ghosts at Government House? Sam and J.J. have heard about the legendary ghost ‘Howie,’ but who is he really? And is he responsible for all the mysterious things that happen there? And what about the mysterious things that keep happening in the garden? Let Sam and J.J. take you along on their ghost detecting adventures.