The love of nature, culture and history inspire Judith Silverthorne’s writing and help shape many of her award-winning books. Based in Saskatchewan, she has travelled about the world doing research that explores ancient and contemporary subjects. Whether it’s investigating haunted locations, parasailing above the Pacific or riding a camel across the Sahara, Judith uses her adventures to weave her engaging stories of adventure, mystery and surprise.

Judith is a multiple-award winning Canadian-based author of more than a dozen books, many of which are middle grade fiction or Young Adult novels, with one translated into Japanese, plus a couple of non-fiction biographical adult books. Honouring the Bison is her first picture book was released in 2015 in English and Cree with a French/Cree translation published in 2016, followed by the German/Cree translation in 2019. Her first Young Adult novel, Convictions, was released in Spring 2016.

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Coming Soon! The Treasure Box

The Treasure Box: Gus can’t imagine anything worse than moving with his mom and sister to another city to live with his grandfather, until things go even more haywire. Besides becoming a target for bullies, finding a small box of unusual objects in the attic while doing a family history school assignment accidentally catapults him back in time. Now he has even bigger problems figuring out how he can return from the past, and if he does, will things ever get better in the present?

Full cover to be revealed soon!


Honouring the Buffalo is a picture book collaboration between Cree Wisdom Keeper & Storyteller Raymond Lavallee, Judith Silverthorne, and illustrator Mike Keepness. This story tells of how through the Creator, Buffalo gave themselves as a gift for the sustenance and survival of the Plains Cree people.

Honouring the Buffalo

Hommage au Bison

Die Würdigung des Bisons

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It’s 1842. 14-year-old Jennie Lawrence has been found guilty of stealing, and finds herself aboard one of the few women-only convict ships destined for Australia. The only way for the women to survive the boat ride is if they band together. And so, with the help of her new “family” and other convicts, Jennie battles the jailers, the ship, and the sea. But will it be enough to set them free?



Enter the Cretaceous dinosaur world at your own peril. Daniel Bringham lives on a farm in southwestern Saskatchewan, where he enjoys digging for dinosaur fossils. Then he meets Ole Pederson, a cantankerous elderly paleontologist, who holds a secret. As time passes, Daniel is drawn into a series of dangerous adventures back in time. He never imagined in his wildest dreams he would get to see real live dinosaurs. Follow his adventures and narrow escapes in this complete four book series. The first book is translated into Japanese.


Are there really ghosts at Government House? Sam and J.J. have heard about the legendary ghost ‘Howie,’ but who is he really? And is he responsible for all the mysterious things that happen there? And what about the mysterious things that keep happening in the garden? Let Sam and J.J. take you along on their ghost detecting adventures–if you dare.


In this series, Emily Bradford finds herself able to shift in time to the exciting and sometimes dangerous era of settlement on the Canadian prairies. Adventure and mystery surround her every step of the way as she puts her skills and knowledge to the test helping and interacting with the family she meets in the past. In the third book of the series, she goes back to the family’s homeland to uncover even more mysteries from the past.


Judith’s two non-fiction books are both biographical. Made in Saskatchewan is based on the life story of Peter Rupchan, a Ukrainian pioneer and prolific potter that lived in northeastern Saskatchewan. Ingrained Legacy: Saskatchewan Pioneer Woodworkers is a collection of short biographies on Saskatchewan’s early woodworkers from  1870 to 1930.

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