Author Readings, Presentations & Workshops

Judith Silverthorne reading for Bump in the Night Event, Government House, Regina, Canada

Judith is available to do author readings, presentations, and workshops in a variety of lengths and topics and she would be happy to accommodate special requests.

She is available in-person or on Zoom and other online platforms.


Length and Duration:

All readings and presentations are flexible and adaptable

*45 to 60 minutes typically (intro, reading, questions/discussions)

10-15 min for a short reading at an event or shared reading – basically reading from one of my books with a very short intro of myself

Or 30 minutes for short sessions with school groups, etc.-condensed version of the typical one

*45 to 60 minutes typically (intro, reading, questions/discussions)

Audience Type and Size

Suitable for audiences of all ages from children to seniors (all-ages picture book)

Unlimited audience numbers (1 – several hundred plus

Content of a Reading for Schools, Communities, etc. (adaptable for time, order, content, etc.)

  1. I usually introduce myself, who I am, where I’m from, and about the books I’ve written and other things I write or do (I teach writing workshops, edit for other people, and produce television documentaries) – approx. 5-10 minutes
  2. I talk about the Buffalo book and the Storyteller and illustrator and how it came to be written – approx. 5 minutes
  3. I read pages from the buffalo book as a visual only PowerPoint Presentations shows the paintings from the book – approx. 10-12 minutes (no sound)
  4. Question and Answers/Discussion – approx. 10-15 minutes

NB: Presentations as noted below can also go along with the readings or be separate


All have of these presentations have PowerPoint visuals to go with them. I also do other depending on request and I can tailor to anything you’d like to have focused on.


  1. About Ray Lavallee and how we came to collaborate on the book, and how Mike Keepness joined us. I also mention the protocols followed
  2. About illustrator Mike Keepness and his artistic work
  3. Various short videos of bison in action
  4. I have little artefacts made from bison and some bison fur to show
  5. A traditional game to play


Judith does a variety of lectures and writing workshops, including those about collaborating with Ray Lavallee in writing the book, and background information on Ray, Mike, herself and her writing career or any writing related topic.

CJTR Radio Station, Regina, Canada

Additional Information

  1. I do interviews for radio, television, newspaper, magazines, Zoom, etc.