About Judith


Writer * Scriptwriter, Editor Documentary & Film Producer * Instructor * Author Readings/Presenter

Judith Silverthorne is a multiple-award winning Saskatchewan, Canada-based author of fiction and non-fiction. The love of nature, different cultures, people, and history inspire her writing and help shape many of her international award-winning books. Judith has travelled throughout the world doing research that explores ancient and contemporary areas. Whether it’s investigating haunted locations, parasailing above the Pacific, or riding a camel across the Sahara, Judith uses her adventures to weave her engaging stories of adventure, mystery and surprise.

Judith Silverthorne’s books are for adults and children, including a YA novel, an all-ages picture book, non-fiction adult books, and several juvenile novel series. Several of them have been translated into different languages. While many of them are set in the Canadian prairies, she explores other parts of the world. She is currently working on several adult novels.

Judith Silverthorne Short Bio


Presenter, Author Readings/Visits

Writing  and Film Workshop Instructor

Editor, Mentor, Consultant


Freelance Writer

Scriptwriter, Script Consultant, Script Editor

Documentary & Film Producer

Silverlight Productions Inc.

Spiral Communications Inc.




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